RCK Realty & Associates

  1. Exclusively Dedicated to Serve Home Sellers
  2. Tremendous Savings Opportunity
  3. Full Service Beyond Belief Including Real Estate Coaching From Listing to Closing
  4. ​Working Directly With The Broker
  5. ​Home Listing Care - Weekly Communication Guarantee
  6. ​One Year Home Warranty - Giving Your Home a Competitive Advantage
  7. 100% Money Back and Satisfaction Guarantee

Home Listing Broker Program

Top 7 Core Benefits

Welcome to The Only Website Dedicated

Exclusively to Serve Home Sellers

The Benefits of Hiring an Exclusive Home Listing Broker

You are working with a broker committed and dedicated to serve exclusively  home sellers, that means I am more likely to be able to show your home and answer calls about your listing and I am pretty sure that's what you expect when you hire an agent to market your home. It's a whole new world when working directly with a brokerthe decision maker. You do not have to wait for answers.

Whenever you are trying to sell your home, you are handling a huge financial transaction. You need professional representation. Make sure that is for your benefit to hire one. Read a True Story...

Empowering Home Sellers

I founded this company, RCK Realty & Associates, to be a relentless real estate brokerage ally for Home Sellers and put them in control of their real estate transaction. Here are the two most important empowerment tools:

  1. ​If you, home seller, find a person ready, willing and able to purchase your home, you pay no selling commission. You can save up to 6% in commission. Guaranteed!
  2. If I, Broker Tony, find a person ready, willing and able to purchase your home you only pay 2% in commission. You can save up to 4% in commission. Guaranteed!

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