unique & valuable

If you find a buyer, ready, willing and able to purchase your home, you pay no selling commission

If I find a buyer, ready, willing and able to buy your home, you pay Only 3% selling commission.


 Top Notch Marketing Program Remarkably Designed

At NO-EXTRA-COST to the Seller.

  1. Exclusive Home Listing Broker

  2. Tremendous Savings

  3. Full Service Beyond Belief

  4. Listed Until SOLD

  5. Homeowner Rights Protected

  6. Syndicated Listing Network

  7. One Year Home Warranty

exclusive home listing broker

Happy Home Seller; I have worked with Tony for several years. It all started about five years ago when I needed to...



RCK Realty & Associates


Full-time listing Broker, focused on marketing your home. Dedicated and committed to represent Home Sellers only. Our reputation and history of successful listing services

speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping home sellers, by simply delivering a personalized service.

not just a full service. But better service

At RCK Realty & Associates we have not made profit the primary goal of the business. We have put the mission of the business, providing the highest personalized service to homeowners selling their home,FIRST.

The foundation of RCK Realty & Associates is based on providing more VALUE than it gets paid for. This is the only operation mode and nothing else.