Only For Home Sellers

Beyond Real Estate Service

  1. Exclusively Dedicated to Serve Home Sellers
  2. Tremendous Savings Opportunity
  3. Full Service Beyond Belief Including Real Estate Coaching From Listing to Closing
  4. ​You Will be Working Directly With The Broker
  5. ​Home Listing Care - Weekly Communication Guarantee
  6. ​One Year Home Warranty - Giving Your Home a Competitive Advantage
  7. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We will live up to our promises, terms and policies.
Not just a full service.
A better service.

Service | Savings | Results

I founded this company, RCK Realty & Associates, to be a relentless real estate brokerage ally for Home Sellers and put them in control of their real estate transaction. Here is the most important empowerment tool, Saving Commission:

  1. ​If you find a person ready, willing and able to purchase your home, you pay no selling commission. You can save up to 6% in commission. Guaranteed!
  2. If I find a person ready, willing and able to purchase your home you only pay 3% in commission. You can save up to 3% in commission. Guaranteed!

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Empowering Home Sellers

"I have sold one house and bought another with the help of Mr. Santiago. He did a LOT of research to find me a wide selection of houses in my price range that met characteristics I wanted. In addition to his expertise, I appreciated his integrity and honesty." - M. Incata

Expired        |        FSBO        |       Need to Sell

Exclusive Home Listing Broker

You are working with a broker committed and dedicated to serve

exclusively  home sellers, that means I am more likely to be able to show your home and answer calls about your listing and I am pretty sure that's what you expect when you hire an agent to market your home. It's a whole new world when working directly with a brokerthe decision maker. You do not have to wait for answers.

See what an exclusive home listing broker can do for home sellers. Two truth stories:

  1. Buyer's agent was not able to open the lockbox and called me. Because I do not compromise my time working with buyers, I was able to go and fix the "problem" right away. By the way, there was nothing wrong with the lockbox. She just was doing something wrong. But I was not hired to argue, just to take care of business. Guess what? She put an offer on that listing. Nice!
  2. Another listing where the last agent showing the property put the wrong key into the lockbox. Again, I was able to fix the "problem" in a timely manner. Learning from this particular case, this issue will never happen again. New system in place.

To keep this level of commitment requires to limit the market areas. Here are the ares covered:

Acworth - 30101 Acworth - 30102 Austell - 30106 Austell - 30168 

Dallas - 30132 Dallas - 30157 Hiram - 30141 Kennesaw - 30144 Kennesaw - 30152 Mableton - 30126 Marietta - 30008

Marietta - 30060 Marietta - 30064 Powder Springs - 30127

Smyrna - 30080 Smyrna - 30082​

Top 7 Core Benefits

The RCK Realty Difference

RCK Realty saves you money by charging only $700.00* as initial investment and $1,295.00 at closing plus 3% if a buyer's agent is involved.

                  Traditional Real Estate Model       vs       RCK Realty

* No add ons needed. Includes our Full Service Beyond Belief marketing program.

Your house's

Sale Price


Their commission



Our commission

$7,999 with Buyer's agent

$1,995 without buyer's agent


10 Secrets Brokers Won't Tell You

  1. The truth about Open Houses
  2. Agents "Double Ends"
  3. Staging your home
  4. Negotiating commission
  5. Bring Your Own Buyer (BYOB)
  6. Volume than Price
  7. Company name has nothing to do with sale of your home
  8. Listing agent likelihood of showing its own listings
  9. Technology has reduced the cost of marketing your home
  10. Agency Agents

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"10 Secrets Real Estate Brokers Won't Tell You"

In-Home FREE Consultaion

Two Great Programs, 

One Remarkable Service.

This is the most comprehensive In-Home Consultation, designed to help home sellers to avoid critical mistakes and make informed decision when listing their homes. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Understanding buyer's agent mind. Not to be ignored.
  • How to know if your listing agent is working for you or itself.
  • Flat Fee vs Traditional commission based model
  • Limited service, a disservice to home sellers.
  • Public and Private remarks. 
  • Marketing your home.
  • Q & A session and much more.

Call me today for your, no obligation whatsoever, FREE In-Home Consultation. (770) 881-7707 or email me.

With either program, if no buyer agent is involved, you will save the selling commission (3%). Guaranteed!

I can proudly say that, no other broker will offer you this benefit.


Do not let the traditional commission-based listing agreement make you feel like this.

Enjoy the Power of Negotiation!

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